Collection: Dog Toys

Why Your Dog Needs Toys

Your dog's toy is its best friend, next to you. Provide companionship for your furry friend with quality dog toys. Don't view them as a luxury, but rather a necessity for your pet's well-being.

Chewing Toys

Strengthen your dog's jaw and prevent dental issues with chew toys. The right size is crucial to avoid your dog getting its jaw or tongue stuck. I-pet offers a variety of chew toys for your furry friend.

Interactive Toys

Challenge your dog's problem-solving skills with interactive toys from I-pet. Keep your dog mentally and physically stimulated with brain teasers that bounce and move. At I-pet, we have a wide selection of interactive toys to keep your dog busy.

Dog Ball Toys

Dog balls are crucial for your pet's growth and exercise. Encourage physical activity by playing fetch with your furry friend. At I-pet, we offer a variety of ball toys to keep your dog entertained and healthy.

LEDΒ Flashing Dog Ball

Extend playtime with the LED flash ball from I-pet. These balls come in different sizes and are made of durable materials, perfect for early mornings or late nights. The bright LED lights make it easy to find the ball in the dark.

Dog toys play a crucial role in maintaining your pet's physical and mental health. Keep boredom at bay with a variety of toys from I-pet. Choose the best toy for your furry friend and keep them satisfied for hours.