5 Things a Dog in a Wheelchair Can Do

5 Things a Dog in a Wheelchair Can Do

Dogs in wheelchairs, also known as dog wheelchairs or dog carts, can still lead happy and fulfilling lives despite their mobility challenges. Here are 5 things that a dog in a wheelchair can do:

Go for walks

With the help of a wheelchair, dogs can still enjoy going for walks and getting fresh air. Many wheelchairs are designed with off-road capabilities, allowing dogs to explore uneven terrain such as hiking trails, beaches, and parks.

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ust because a dog is in a wheelchair doesn't mean they can't play like any other dog. Many dogs in wheelchairs enjoy playing fetch, tug-of-war, and other games that involve physical activity. There are also special toys designed for dogs in wheelchairs, such as balls that are easy to grip with their mouths.

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Swimming is a great exercise for dogs in wheelchairs, as it is low-impact and easy on their joints. Many dogs in wheelchairs enjoy swimming and can do so with the help of a life jacket to keep them afloat.

Participate in therapy

Dogs in wheelchairs can benefit from physical therapy and hydrotherapy to help them maintain their strength and range of motion. They can also participate in animal-assisted therapy, which can be beneficial for both the dog and the humans they interact with.


Dogs in wheelchairs can still travel and explore the world. Many hotels and vacation rentals are wheelchair accessible, and some airlines allow dogs in wheelchairs to travel in the cabin. With a little bit of planning, dogs in wheelchairs can experience all the joys of travel just like any other dog.

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